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Knowledgebase : Dance On 3Claws
Posted by Administrator on 08 June 2017 10:09 am

Q : Why cannot play this game?

A: DanceOn was developed with Unity3D. You must install Unityplayer plug-in before you play or please install the mini client here

Q : How to chat with other players?

A: You can write in Chat Window to communicate with others. Chanell to communicate including All, Horn, Club, Private and System.

Q : How do I start playing?

A: Select and enter a room, click READY and wait for the host to start the game, or select CREATE STAGE to create a room, select dance mode, select a song and Click START.

Q : How to buy and change costumes?

A: All costum you buy from mall can be seen in backpack. Click backpack and you can see it or change your costumes.

Q : How to get costumes?

A: You can get a piece of the costume through Beginner Gift Pack, missions, story mode. For a better costume you can buy it from STORE.

Q : How to increase the level?

A: The game depends on accuracy. The bigger your point, you will get a greater exp. EXP Can also be obtained if you complete the mission and story mode. When your Exp is sufficient, your character will automatically level up.

Q : How to display and remove backup dancer?

A: You can remove backupdance by pressing the Backup Dancer button on the right side of the screen or pressing the F3 key.

Q : Can I send Gift to others?

A: Sure. All Items you buy from mall on backpack. As long as it has not expired and bound, you can send it to someone else. For Items in Store, you can press SEND to buy and directly send to others.

Q : How to get wings in the game?

A: Buy in the Mall, crafting and from the event

Q : What are the modes in the game DanceOn?

A: Normal Mode, Team Mode, PK Mode

Q : How to invite Friends into the game?

A: In the room information section there is the invite button, after you press the invite button will appear the name of the player who is in the lobby

Q : How to adjust game quality?

A: Click the settings in the top right corner of the game button (in the back button), there are various qualities

Q : How to create Club?

A: Inside DanceOn Hall on the right side there click Guild building, choose Create guild and enter the desired guild name.

Q : How to invite other players to join the guild?

A: Click the character information, and choose invite into the guild

Q : How to get Red Diamond?

A: Completing the task and mission will get the Red Diamond prize

Q : How do I create a room with a password?

A: When you will create a space you can enter the password, the password can be changed or deleted in the room by pressing the edit button on the upper left side of the room.

Q : How to get Gold?

A: Completing the mission and story mode will get gold

Q : Is RMT allowed in DanceOn?

A: Staff DanceOn will take firm action for players do the RMT

Q : What will DanceOn staff do for players who abuse Bugs and illegal Topups in DanceOn?

A: We will crack down on all the misuse of bugs within the game or illegal Top-ups.