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Knowledgebase : TOUCH
Posted by Administrator on 06 April 2017 11:05 am

1. Why I can’t play this game?

A: TOUCH developed by Unity3D. You have to install Unityplayer plug-in before playing this game.

2. Why I can’t enter free lobby and normal lobby?

A: It will automatically open when you reach level 10.

3. How to chat with other player?

A: You can write in the Chat Windowto communicate with others. Channels include All, Private, Community, and airing System channels.

4. How do I start to play?

A: Select and enter a room that has not been started, click READY and wait forthe host to start the game. Or, Select CREATE STAGE to make room, select a song and levels thenClick START.

5. How do I change costume?

A: All the costume that you buy can be seen on thebackpack. Click backpack and you can view or change costumes before or after the dance.

6. How do Iget costumes?

A: You can get part of the costume through Beginner Gift Pack, missions and activities. For a better costume, you can buy it from the STORE.

7. How do I level up?

A: The game relies on theaccuracy. The greater your values??, you will get a bigger exp. Also EXP can be obtained if you complete the mission. When your Exp sufficient, your Character will be automatically level up.

8. How do Idisplay and remove the backup dancer?

A: You can eliminate backup dancer by pressing CANCELBACKUP button on the top of the screen. To show, Open SYSTEM SETTINGS and select open” optionfor BACKUP DANCER.

9. Can I send a gift to others? A: Sure. All items that you buy are stored in thebackpack, As long as it has not expired and bound, you can send them to others. For items in the Store, you can press SEND to buy and instantly transmit it to others. or, you can press the REQUEST buttonto request a gift to others.

10. Why does someone have the same type with my costume but he has adifferent color than mine?

A: In this game, you can modify item with your own creation. Item with DIYSTORE button can be customized. Press the button to enter the DIY interface, and you can change the color and pattern of the different uses of costume. Every DIY items have different prices.